London // United Kingdom

 We began our European adventure in London. Streets lined with beautiful white stone and red brick. Roofs speckled with round stout chimneys. Cars and black taxis scurrying in every which direction. Look right. Look left. Don't get run over.

Our days were filled with walking, walking, and more walking. Also, museums, crowded tube rides, beautiful parks, and when our feet could barely carry us another step, a stop at Zetland Arms, for a pint and a chance to use some free WIFI.   

Our favorite day was spent in Bath. I loved the dichotomy of ancient Roman ruins, Georgian architecture, and modern renovations. We visited a quirky Jane Austen exhibit (not the actual Jane Austen museum, which is in Hampshire), and took a small tour bus out to Stone Henge. Suffice it to say, Brad was much more excited about the latter. 

All in all, London was very good to us.