Dear friends/followers/web wanderers,

Welcome to the new home of Frances & Fern! I'm so so happy you're here. Please make yourself comfortable. Snoop as much as you like. If I could, I would offer you a cup of tea, and on a good day something baked and filled with sugar. However right now popcorn and string cheese is about all I've got, but unfortunately (or rather fortunately) technology prohibits me from sharing food through a computer screen. Otherwise Pinterest would become a whole new ballgame, now wouldn't it?

Regardless, welcome. 

Here you'll find a bit of my portfolio, this blog, and a simple means of contacting me.

I'll be sharing new work in the coming days and weeks. So stay tuned and come back soon. 

Interested in scheduling a session? Send me a quick note for pricing and more details, and perhaps we can arrange for that cup of tea.